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About us

Welcome to the website of BeardiesAreLife.

Here at Beardies Are Life, reptile pets are our passion, especially bearded dragon lizards. and we consider these ectothermic (cold-blooded) creatures as a part of the family. As pet parents, we know about the unconditional love that these sentient and adorable beings bring to the family.

The Pogona vitticeps, also nicknamed as “beardies”, make for some of the most highly sought after exotic reptiles in the market these days. One of the key features that set them apart from other pets is the ancient appearance that makes them look like a leftover species belonging from the age of the dinosaurs. They are available in different morphs or colors, which are mainly influenced by their habitat and terrain settings, as the natural selection process helps them acquire the most favorable hue that acts as a camouflage in the wild. However, the prevalence of selective breeding has allowed reptile lovers to have a bearded dragon in just about any color they can imagine.

Hailing from the dry and arid regions of Australia, these scaly-skinned lizards are quite easy to care for in a typical household setting. They are not so picky about what they eat, as you can add a wide variety of greens and fruits, along with live insects that they enjoy munching on. It is advised to break up their every meal into bite-sized portions, which they can easily gulp down without any chances of gag reflex incidents or choking hazards.

For novice herpetoculturists, they are perfect pets to be owned because of their “happy-go-lucky” attitude and good-natured disposition. They would never bite or attack their owners, as long as they don’t feel threatened or mishandled.

We hope that the information provided on this website comes in handy for all the current and prospective owners of beardies. You will find everything you need for your pet lizard, including high-quality food, treats, pharmaceuticals, carriers, and loads of good advice.

Our goal is to provide pet parents with the best choice of pet care items at affordable rates so that they can become more informed bearded dragon owners. By sharing pet care guides and relevant news, we look forward to creating a better world for both pet parents and pets themselves.

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